Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well known Powerlifter, Jon Frederic Cole, laid to rest at White Tanks

I received the following message from Mary Cole, widow of Jon Cole who was an ASU graduate, power lifter and Olympic athlete for the World's Strongest Man. She is beside herself at the fact that her husband has been laid to rest in such a barren desert place. She wants nothing more than for him to have an honorable service and celebration of his wonderfully lived life of success. He did so much for so many others. It is my hopes that by publishing this story, I might be able to gain some assistance for Mary Cole and raise awareness of the issues surrounding having a loved one buried at White Tanks or other indigent cemeteries. Why would such a well known athlete end up in a pauper's grave? Makes no sense to me... Where are all the people who knew him? Mary is without funding and is paralyzed in her grief. She is in much need of support and assistance. If you are interested in linking up with her to help out, please get in contact with me on fb by messaging or friending me... or you can send me an email at make sure that you put in the subject line: Jon Cole or White Tanks.

The following is the message received from Mary Cole:

"I just want it to be known that I did not abandoned my husband Jon even though circumstances make it seem that way. We had nothing but each other when he died,(which is all you really need). We had no life insurance, and no family to help. I felt like I was paralyzed and still do. There are no words to describe how strong the love and the passion for each other was and still is. I see no future without him. We lost our house a few years prior; and, it wasn't long after Jon was put into the hospital, I lost what little bit we had left in storage, for non payment. The only income we had was his Social Security Check and since I am only 49, I do not get survival benefits, no income, no job, I had moved us out of the  studio we were living in to be with him at the hospital and nursing home facility 24/7. Because,my home was where ever he was. I am living in our truck right now. My love for him has only gotten stronger which makes being apart even harder.

My husband, Jon Frederic Cole, died on 11/29/2012 after I had the hospital take him off the life support that he had been on for 17 days. When he was rushed to the hospital on August 24, 2012, he went into Septic Shock. He fell victim to an antibiotic resistant blood infection. For three months  he fought hard to not leave me and I experienced everything with he went through. 

For the 10 short years we were married, we were never apart. I was so fortunate to be able to go to work with him every day. He was a personal strength training Coach, he was my coach, that's how we met..Jon Had been into nutrition, strength and being healthy his entire life. Jon went to ASU on a Athletic Scholarship. Jon Cole was the first strength coach at ASU. He started their weight training program, writing programs for the Football Team Coached by Frank Kusch. He was an AAU Shot Put/ Discus Thrower and represented the United States while touring Europe. He owned and operated the first weight training facility in Scottsdale AZ. The Jon Cole Systems. And he competed in the very first Strongest Man  competition along with Lou Ferrigno. Jon's portrait is in ASU'sAthletic Hall Of Fame.

If you google Jon Cole Power lifter,(and I hope you do), you can read about some of the great things he has done.

What can I do to have a nameplate put were his body is? I was going to have him cremated; Was he cremated or buried? Can someone please help me. Thank you

SincerelyMary Joann.Cole (Wife)

I have done research on this email and Jon Cole, please see this link to learn more about him


  1. The fact that we have a well known celebrity in the sport world laid to rest at an INDIGENT cemetery is ridiculous! This just shouldn't be... its wrong in so many ways!

  2. Has anything been done so far to have Jon's body reburied and have a proper burial?

  3. I was told that Jon was cremated.

  4. Wow!! I just now found out about his death.I personally new him and his wife Mary.But lost contact with each other around 2005.Something is wrong here, from what I understand his mother was financially well off.I could be wrong.I sure would like to talk to Mary. Wilbert street Bruce

    1. Bruce,
      You can send your email address to Miranda @ and she will forward it to me. Talk to you then

    2. Bruce,
      Instead of bothering Miranda just email me at

    3. Hi Bruce, My name is Mark, IF you are the Bruce that owned a fitness repair business please reach out to me 480/313/0402
      Hope all is well